Course Outline


  • Scala as a JVM language
  • Objection-oriented programming vs functional programming

Overview of Object-Functional Programming

  • Tail recursion
  • Partial functions
  • Currying and partial function application
  • Closures
  • Lazy evaluation

Mastering the Scala Type System

  • About traits
  • Structural types
  • Path dependent types
  • Self types
  • Covariance and contravariance
  • Type bounds

Advanced Pattern Matching in Scala

  • Deep matching
  • Using extractors

Using Scala Implicit

  • Implicit conversion, classes and parameters
  • Type class pattern
  • Context and view bounds

Libraries and DSLs

  • Custom control structures with by-name parameters
  • Building well-designed libraries and internal DSLs

Working with Scala Collections

  • Working with Streams
  • Manifests and class tags
  • Builders
  • CanBuildFrom
  • Building custom collections

Functional Exception Handling

  • Traditional exception handling
  • Functional exception handling
  • Using Try with For comprehensions

Closing Remarks


  • Hands on experience in Scala programming
  • Familiarity with pattern matching and traits


  • Scala programmers who wish to learn the more advanced and nuanced features of Scala
 14 Hours

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