Course Outline


Postman and API Testing

  • API testing vs Unit testing vs UI testing

Overview of Protocols Supported by Postman

  • Soap, Rest, HTTP, GraphQL
  • Path parameters vs query parameters

Fundamentals of API Testing

  • Get requests
  • Post requests
  • Parameterize requests
  • Collections

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Postman
  • Installing and configuring Cucumer BDD
  • Installing and configuring REST Assured
  • Installing and configuring TestNG
  • Installing and configuring Eclipse
  • Installing and configuring Maven

Postman Quickstart

  • Creating collections
  • Sending API requests
  • Creating environments and variables
  • Implementing presets
  • Writing testscripts

REST Assured API with Maven

  • Generating a project
  • Adding dependencies
  • Sending requests
  • Creating complex JSON
  • Validating responses

TestNG Framework

  • Creating tests
  • Running multiple and parallel tests
  • Reporting in TestNG

REST Assured

  • Automating requests
  • Automating response validation

Cucumber BDD

  • Using parameterization
  • Adding lists and databases
  • Integrating TestNG
  • Reporting in Cucumber
  • Adding REST assured API

Summary and Conclusion


  • Java experience


  • Software Testers
 21 Hours

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