Course Outline


Review of PSPO I Concepts

  • Recap of foundational Scrum concepts
  • Product Owner role and responsibilities
  • Product Backlog management basics

Advanced Product Ownership

  • Scaling Scrum: challenges and solutions
  • Complex product development environments
  • Strategies for managing multiple Product Backlogs

Optimizing Value

  • Understanding and maximizing value
  • Impact mapping and value stream analysis
  • Techniques for prioritization and trade-off decisions

Product Strategy and Vision

  • Defining and communicating the product vision
  • Aligning stakeholders and teams with the vision
  • Managing evolving product strategies

Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Gathering and incorporating feedback effectively
  • Techniques for managing conflicting interests

Product Backlog Refinement

  • Techniques for effective backlog refinement
  • Splitting and refining user stories
  • Collaborative techniques for backlog management

Forecasting and Release Planning

  • Estimation techniques and their limitations
  • Creating reliable release forecasts
  • Continuous forecasting in changing environments

Product Ownership and Teams

  • Working with Development Teams
  • Role of the Product Owner in Scrum events
  • Balancing self-organization and guidance

Real-World Application and Challenges

  • Case studies and real-world scenarios
  • Overcoming common challenges faced by Product Owners
  • Adaptive Product Ownership

Assessment Preparation

  • Overview of the PSPO II assessment format
  • Sample questions and practice scenarios
  • Tips for successful assessment completion

PSPO II Assessment

  • Guidance on taking the PSPO II assessment
  • Time management strategies
  • Post-assessment review and discussion

Summary and Next Steps


  • PSPO I certification


  • Product owners
 14 Hours

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